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6 Tips for a Successful Machine Learning Project

Technological advancements are increasingly defining the scope of interpersonal interactions. VidCruiter, MyInterview, XOR, SparkHire, OutMatch, RecRight, Avature, or Harver, in tandem with the additionalities they

Leveraging Human-Centric AI in 2021

Human-centered AI is meant to learn from human collaboration and inputs while emphasizing algorithms that have existed among a greater, human-based system. This technology is

AI: The Answer to BFSI Cyberattacks

With great advancements in information technology, cyberspaces are the easy target for cybercriminals to commit crimes. While the digitization of connectivity and transactions offers great

Three Ways AI Is Changing the Way We Work

There have been several revolutionary trends and technologies over the years that have changed the way humans work. Until recent years, the introduction and large-scale