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What Makes Our Salesforce Implementation Services Unique

Salesforce implementation can be a highly complex and intricate process, a process that we help make easy. With Intelion Systems, you can leverage the right expertise to assess, map, design, and implement Salesforce for your organization's specific goals and objectives.

To achieve the desired results, Salesforce implementations require an experienced team of professionals to guide your business in the right direction.

Our unique on-demand service model delivers best-in-class Salesforce implementation services to our customers quickly and cost-effectively with minimal risk.

As your trusted Salesforce Implementation partner, we assist you in getting the most out of your Salesforce implementation investment.

Our Transformational Approach to Salesforce implementation

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Assessment and Planning

Planning is a paramount step to achieving a successful Salesforce implementation. Answering critical core business questions and defining your objectives and likely outcomes can help us narrow down the best path to your organization's success.

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Setup and Configuration

Based on the results of the assessment, we will chart out a strategic and tactical roadmap clearly defining the various workflows and processes that best suit your business requirements.

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Training and Adoption

A post-implementation strategy includes familiarizing your teams with the ins and outs of the software. A rigorous training program helps your team achieve a high adoption rate ensuring that you obtain the most value out of your Salesforce implementation.

Helping Your Business Reach New Heights With Salesforce Implementation

Marketing Cloud Implementation

Enable your marketers to engage with their customers through any channel and on any device. With predictive intelligence, you can personalize and transform the customer journey. Real-time insights empower your organization to target and connect on a whole new level. We also provide Marketing Cloud integration services with third-party platforms.

Sales Cloud Implementation

Streamline your sales processes by storing all your client information on a unified Ai-powered platform. Get a 360° view of your customer experience and align your marketing, sales, and service at every level. Get actionable insights like top leads, next steps, and suggested actions to bolster your sales cycle.

Pardot Implementation

Manage your B2B marketing automation activities and deliver your promotions successfully by aligning your marketing and sales team all in one place. Get a clear view of your campaigns and the content that performs best to generate high-quality leads that allow your sales teams to convert leads faster.

Service Cloud Implementation

Through Service Cloud, you can handle all your customer data from one platform, enabling your support team to enrich the customer experience. Lower your overhead charges by increasing operational efficiency with the use of secure administration choices like knowledge base, cloud console, and more.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) is an optimal blend of a reliable CRM and CPQ application. It helps you cut down the time-to-sell by aiding the sales rep in determining accurate product quotes. It takes into account various aspects of a product and configures the quote in any given scenario.

Financial Cloud Services

Deliver personalized financial services to your customers with Salesforce financial cloud services. By unifying your core banking systems, customer management systems, and publicly available customer data, you can connect and streamline your entire organization’s systems, processes, and channels to strengthen your customer relationships.

Salesforce Help Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Health Cloud enables you to configure the data flows and user interfaces that make the Health Cloud features available to your users. Health Cloud gives caregivers a complete view of the patient. Health Cloud helps with intelligent patient management by interacting in real-time with patients and the entire care team.

Salesforce IoT Implementation

With a Salesforce IoT Implementation, leverage the power of connected devices to attain enhanced leads, attract new customers, create insightful decisions, and close deals more quickly. By consolidating client data, we help you build unique profiles and manage your data to generate actionable insights and enhance your customer experience.

Salesforce Communities Implementation

Build your online communities and control them from a universal platform and facilitate participant engagement from various business processes. We can design highly customizable and flexible platforms specifically for your users. We also offer advanced document management features with third-party integration support

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