Drive Business Process Innovation and Faster App Development With the Power of Low Code

Accelerate digital innovation and rapidly build and launch enterprise-grade, business, and customer-facing apps using low-code development process with Intelion’s Low-Code Development services.

Find Out if Your Business Is Low Code Ready?

Low-code is an efficient and revolutionary software development approach that enables organizations to deliver apps quicker and with minimal hand-coding. The approach aims at simplifying the app development process by allowing users to let go of hand-coding and perform block-based programming instead. The Low-code and no-code approaches help organizations build business applications and execute Business Process Automation (BPA) with APaaS (Application Platform as a Service) in an efficient, agile way. It can help organizations to break down their traditional silos of businesses and to develop solutions that meets the needs of their business. Apps built on low code are more intuitive. They leverage visual, graphic, and drag and drop interfaces to abstract software development and coding.

Low-code requires minimal to no coding, enabling you to launch or scale your applications almost 5x faster.

Adopting low code development approach for building apps, companies can ensure: 

  • Faster development cycles and time-to-market;
  • Cost effective App Building; 
  • Agility & faster responses to changing or evolving needs;
  • Effective Risk Management even while scaling;
  • Better integration of legacy systems;
  • Better customer delight with optimized customer experience.

Low Code is the right solution for your organization if you are looking to:

  • Reduce current IT backlog and increase responsiveness;
  • Reduce dependency on hard-to-hire technical skills;
  • Be protected against technology disruptions;
  • Improve internal processes, and more.

Gartner estimates that by 2024, two-thirds of all software development activity will happen on low-code development platforms. This indicates that low-code is not only the future of software development but will also play a role in product development and customer experience as we advance. This, here, is the next frontier of competitive advantage.

Empower Your Team With Our Low-Code Platform and Development

Rapid Development and Integrations

Low code gained prominence over the last few years, mainly due to its easy to buildable interface. Our unique pre-built user interfaces, logic, and reusable components lets you efficiently deliver products up to 10 times faster than using the traditional software development approach. Our low code development solution also provides an engaging omnichannel experience across all the touchpoints users interact with the product.  

Moreover, allowing for easy integration, our low code development can enable you to seamlessly integrate any data, model, or third-party tool from any system or service with your solution for better experience. What is more unique about our service is that no matter what the domain of your business is, you can easily elevate your Low-Code solution by also connecting it with Artificial Intelligence. Low-Code platforms also provide the highest security level, no matter what hosting solution is being used. 

Agility and Scalability

Our Low Code development and platform can help any business to swiftly adjust to unpredictable market changes and new consumer needs, thus benefiting all kinds of developers. It empowers seasoned developers to work more efficiently and others to develop complex smoothly-running apps without incurring heavy costs and with ease, ensuring agility to the teams. Moreover, low code development solutions are easy to work with and can be easily improved and can rapidly scale on a cloud-native architecture, allowing your business to always stay competitive on the market.  

Flexible and Ready-To-Use Templates

With our low code development services, you can easily create custom applications to support the company’s business processes. You can also build dynamic forms in line with your business, the exact way you want, with our exclusive and custom themes and flexible design using countless form fields including e-signature, facial recognition, QR code scanning, responsive design testing, and more. Use ready-to-go templates such as applicant tracking, employee onboarding, and more and modify per your organization’s requirements.  

Our Unique Approach to Low Code Development


Together with our clients, we experiment and investigate how low-code can be applied in their organization. We help them to clearly identify the options and showcase the value which low-code can add to the client’s organization. We help our clients to define the low-code vision that fits their digital business strategy, to realize the digital transformation.


After experimenting with low-code and developing a low-code vision, it's time to translate the client’s vision into a more formalized plan and start with pilots. In this phase the client will learn and understand what the value options are and what the impact will be on its business model. It is more or less a testing phase.


As soon as the previous steps are completed, we support our clients in the actual implementation process, enabling business integration and implementation based on low-code platforms. We just don’t end it there. Once implemented, we them proceed to offer our clients recommendations and suggestions on the possibilities to scale up and expand.

Ready to Deliver Innovative Software Solutions With Low Code?

Traditional application development falls short and cannot keep up with the demands of the business. Low code over the last few years has proven to be the perfect solution to deal with both business and IT challenges. We can help you rapidly build and launch enterprise-grade, business, and customer-facing apps using our low-code development services that can be an accelerator to drive the digital transformation of your business.