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Choose Intelion’s world-class RPA solutions to elevate business efficiency. We can help you in defining an automation strategy and identifying the right processes and tools to get started on your RPA journey.

Our Approach to Maximize Your Returns

Data Gathering and Strategizing

Our process begins with understanding your organizational goals and objectives. We gather data from various concerned parties and proceed ahead by designing an airtight UiPath strategy for you. We help you streamline your productivity by mapping a strategy to smoothly rollout automation. We begin by identifying the various processes that can be automated.

Project Development

Our expert team of project managers, developers, architects and QA engineers work in unison to bring your ideas to life. They work in a perfect synergy to ensure that your final product is impeccable. Our team of professionals have perfected a seamless RPA development process to help enhance your workflows and is experienced in a range of RPA tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, AzureAutomationServices, etc.

Testing and Troubleshooting

All our projects undergo rigorous testing processes to ensure minimal business disruption and downtime. Using our proprietary testing tools, we are able to discover hard-to-find errors swiftly. With our expert RPA testing and troubleshooting, we can ensure that the robotic process executes properly and is set up to handle changes or unexpected situations, thereby achieving better efficiency and effectiveness at every stage.

Deployment and Management

We roll out your automations once we are confident that they are accurate as well as cost and time-efficient. We also help you manage your automations around the clock with our support team. Ensure your robot's resilience with our preventive and corrective maintenance activities. We provide expert RPA support teams that maintain your robots to ensure seamless and sustainable business operations.

Case Studies

Leverage UiPath to Unlock the Full Potential Of RPA

Achieve world-class RPA outcomes with Intelion RPA UiPath development services.  Embrace seamless automation with the UiPath enterprise platform to design, deploy and manage your robotic workforce. UiPath is an RPA platform for end-to-end high-scale automation. With UiPath, take your software to the cloud or virtual terminals to ensure uninterrupted workflow. As more companies turn to digitization and automation of their core processes, many realize this is not a path often taken alone. A thorough implementation requires a suitable platform as well as a diverse set of skills.

Key areas where UiPath shines over the competition is in bringing your automation to life in areas such as desktop and remote apps automation, data handling and scrapping techniques, as well as superior logic writing methodology. No matter how complex your business processes are, UiPath can surely get the job done.

Intelion offers end-to-end RPA services that range from evaluation & assessment to strategy, planning, deployment, and support services. Helping small, medium, and large enterprises automate and accelerate their business processes with considerable success, we guarantee enhanced productivity and business efficiency.  

We Have Automation Tools Designed to Keep up in a Fast-Paced World

UiPath Consulting

Intelion helps its clients by imparting valuable expertise in the form of a consultation and backing it up with a robust implementation process. We conduct a rigorous assessment of your business objectives and needs and deliver a simplified governing framework to implement your UiPath solution

UiPath Assessment

Our assessment of your organization begins with process identification. We use an FTE Optimization and Productivity approach to gauge the level of automation required. We select the optimal RPA tools, conduct automation Proof-of-Concepts exercises, map your automation rollout plans and more. 


UiPath Development

Build your UiPath Automation bots from the ground up and scale them according to your business goals. We develop a range of security, processes, and governance automations to enhance your workflows. We develop bots for various functions: attended bots, unattended bots as well as hybrid bots.  


UiPath Implementation

Implement your automation seamlessly with our help. We assist you in developing and executing your business-specific solutions seamlessly. Save time and money with virtual workflow orchestration, bot development, cognitive AI via AI & ML and ensure smooth business continuity and scaling. 


UiPath App Integration & Upgrades

Intelion Systems handles all your app upgrades and integrations with ease. Our experts gauge the compatibility of your existing systems and recommends the most suitable upgrades that benefit your business the most. We also provide custom app integrations to suit your custom business needs.

UiPath Managed Services

Manage your existing UiPath platforms, scale your automation to keep up with demand, and manage the development team with our managed services. Equip your organization with an expert team of managed services professionals who are dedicated to help you achieve your automation targets. 


Explore a Vast Array of Services & Solutions

Einstein Analytics

We can enable you to better comprehend your sales data and get quick answers to critical business questions with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. We will help you power sales, services, and marketing teams using AI to drive your business forward.

Salesforce Integration

From high-end financial management solutions to robust CMS, we enable you to integrate it all. We help businesses to simplify their third-party applications and enhance their business approach with Salesforce Integration services. 

Salesforce Customization

We can customize just about every Salesforce solution on the market to help you solve complex business challenges. From start to end, we curate a sturdy suite of Salesforce utilities that can be further customized in the future. 

Low Code Development

With our Low-code and no-code development approaches, we can help organizations build business applications efficiently and with agility. We can help you Speed up the development of your customized applications cost-effectively.

Salesforce Implementation

Our best-in-class Salesforce implementation services are quick, cost-effective, and have minimal risk. As your trusted Salesforce Implementation partner, we assist you in getting the most out of your Salesforce implementation investment. 


Improve productivity and enhance the probability of closing more deals for your organization with our Salesforce/Apttus CPQ services. We enable you to integrate enterprise-grade CLM solutions to accelerate sales productivity, expedites sales cycles, for an exponential increase in revenue.

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