ROSA-Li - More Than Just Care

A smart and intelligent companion & caregiver for older adults.

Empowering Older Adults to Live a Happier and More Independent Life

Rosa-Li is the world’s most affordable home care robot that will assist the elderly to engage better in their day-to-day activities and enhance the quality of their lives. Leading a secluded life can lead to a lack of desire to keep your home clean, prepare proper meals, and take care of yourself. As you near the retirement age, many activities can be tiring and you may need assistance in performing such activities. For those who feel they are unable to cope with the widening digital divide and operate complex technology,

Rosa-Li is an easy to adapt socially assistive intelligent robot that can assist you in completing chores, fetching items, communicate with your loved ones, provide entertainment, detect threats, and assist you in health monitoring and keeping up with your medication schedules.

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How Can Rosali Help You?

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Autonomous Navigation

Rosa-Li can autonomously navigate around the house and assist you in your daily activities.

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Activity Level Monitoring

Rosa-Li can access health data from your wearable device to detect and monitor any abnormalities.

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Threat Detection

With a built-in Patrol Mode, Rosa-Li can independently surveil an area when commanded to do so and can detect fire, smoke, etc.

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Medication Management

Rosa-Li can track medication inventory, schedules, and consumption of pills to ensure that the elderly are following a precise and prompt schedule.

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Exercise Companion

Rosa-Li guides you with basic exercise regimes and routines to ensure an active and stimulating lifestyle.

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Conversational Companion

Rosa-Li responds to voice commands and can conduct engaging AI-Driven conversations with you for a short duration.

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What Makes Rosa-Li Special?


Rosa-Li is a highly advanced and state-of-the art assisted living robot that is priced competitively. Being made available almost at the price of a toy robot, it is the perfect and most affordable smart and intelligent solution to overcome the crisis of mounting senior care expenses and increasing shortage of caregivers across the world.


Designed to perfection and with a personality, Rosa-Li has a minimalist and futuristic design, devoid of any buttons and has a smooth interface for ease of use and access. Foldable and portable, Rosa-Li has no edges and a continuous metal body structure.


From advanced speech recognition to state-of-the-art navigation to futuristic sensory and perception systems, Rosa-Li, the ultimate social companion and smart caregiver, can help enhance the lives of the elderly, making them ‘happier’ and enable them to connect better with the world outside.

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