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for leading enterprises across the globe with the power of AI.

Overcoming Hiring Bias in 2021

Managing Your End-to-End Recruitment Lifecycle

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Automated Interview scheduling

When fed with a database of candidates, our recruitment software automatically schedules the candidate interview.

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Automated Voice & Video Interviews

We offer different interview formats that has a set of predetermined questions and automatically conducts the process.

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Intelligent Matching Algorithms

AETIUS matches jobs to resumes using over 25 data points to make intelligent decisions.

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Custom Interviews

Each candidate receives a set of questions tailored to their resume, skills and experience.

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Human-Like Candidate Experience

Our smart and intelligent interface is capable of ensuring a highly engaging, personal and human-like experience for the candidates

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In-Depth Insights

After the interview is over, our proprietary AI gathers deep level insights that can help you pick the right candidate.

Why Video Interviewing Is the Right Tool for Your Organization

Bring Your Ideas to Life at Intelion Labs

Custom Robot Development

With the rapid acceleration of technology around us, you can visualize
a product that will help your business and we will bring it to life. From
prototyping to commercialization, our team of experts will make your
robotic vision a reality.


AETIUS is a fully automated recruitment solution, powered by
conversational AI and Machine Learning which can see, think, and
behave like a recruiter to perform the same tasks, accurately,
efficiently, and rapidly.

Scalable, Intuitive & Secure Hiring Software

Conduct Sentiment Analysis

With our advanced AI and NLP, we can analyze and process every piece of information to extract the candidates' emotions.

Anti-Cheating Enforcing

AETIUS uses eye-tracking technology to ensure that the candidate is focusing exclusively on the interview and is not being fed information from a third party.

Assess Candidate’s Stickiness Factor

AETIUS can analyze certain distinct characteristics in candidates which can highlight their willingness to commit to the job.

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